Abdominal Fat More Than Triples Memory Loss And Dementia Risk

Weight loss tips: Calories versus fat

Researchers explain that this is because, according to recent evidence, a faulty fat metabolism affects memory Garcinia Cambogia Extract and learning. More precisely, it appears that the same protein that is in charge of controlling fat metabolism in the liver can also be found in the hippocampus, which happens to be the brain area in charge or controlling memory and learning. The researchers theorize that people who carry high amounts of abdominal fat in their middle age have less of this protein and that, in time, this leads to their developing memory loss and dementia, EurekAlert reports. The researchers wish to further investigate this link between fat and a higher risk for memory loss and dementia, and hope that they will be able to figure out a way to reduce people’s risk of developing these conditions. We need to better understand how fat is connected to memory and learning so that we can develop effective approach to protect memory and learning, said researcher Kalipada Pahan with the Rush University Medical Center.
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Researchers say high amounts of abdominal fat up dementia and memory loss risk

are good sources of MUFA and PUFA Cholesterol What is cholesterol? Cholesterol is produced by the body to help build cells and a membrane around the cell to protect it. Cholesterol is not fat per se, but it is a waxy chemical compound produced by the liver, it is found in cheese , eggs, butter and meat (especially red fatty meat). This compound is carried via the blood with the help of molecules called lipoprotein. Types of cholesterol: LDL or Low Density Lipoprotien: LDL transports cholesterol to tissues and arteries where the cholesterol can create blockages HDL or High Density Lipoprotien: HDL transports the cholesterol back to the liver from tissues and prevents deposition in the arteries Importance of cholesterol: LDL should be maximum 130 mg and HDL can be approximately 70mg.
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