Doctor Outlines How Surgery Offers Remedies To Snoring Problems

Man snoring woman covering ears

Dr Robert Guida says that men and overweight people are most prone to the problem, whose prime cause is one of a variety of types of airflow obstruction in the nose or throat. Yet because of the long-term and sometimes cumbersome nature of the mechanical remedies available, Dr Guida says surgical procedures, which usually provide a once-and-for-all remedy are becoming increasingly popular. Snoring can also be a symptom of obstructive sleep apnoea, a medical condition whereby the airways become temporarily blocked, and a sufferer can even stop breathing several times during a night. But, adds Dr Guida: With proper diagnosis and treatment, the outlook for those suffering from obstructive sleep apnoea is excellent. Snoring can be improved and serious medical complications can be avoided. Nose Reshaping Surgery which can alleviate the problem includes fixing a deviated nasal passage, surgery to the palate or tonsils.
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Snoring: When is it cause for concern?

Many possible solutions If a spouse might say (they are) snoring like a freight train or (they must) roll em at night, Bader might recommend the snorer make an appointment with a sleep specialist, then undergo a sleep study at a sleep clinic, such as All Saints Sleep Medicine Center. A sleep study determines if the person has sleep apnea, or just snores without the medical condition, and can determine how a doctor might treat the person. The patient might need to use a CPAP device when he or she sleeps, or a bi-level positive airway pressure mask, Bader said. Every day people tell me I cant do it.
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Singing can help reduce snoring

The trial, by Exeter University and the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust, showed that singing exercises strengthened certain throat muscles and helped alleviate the symptoms of sleep apnoea. Researchers say that, for best results, singing exercises should be teamed with lifestyle changes such as losing weight. According to Snore Australia, most people will snore at some time but chronic or loud snoring is often associated with sleep-related breathing disorders. It says other common causes of snoring include: Allergies Eating too much at night Nasal congestion Consumption of alcohol close to bedtime, especially if the amount is large Being overweight or obese Swelling of the muscular part of the roof of the mouth Swollen adenoids or tonsils, especially in children Medications, including sleeping tablets Sleep position – sleeping on your back may cause your throat muscles and tongue to relax If you are a snorer, there are several devices you can try to reduce your snoring. These include adhesive devices that cover the nostrils and nasal steroids and allergy treatments. But you should also see your GP to discuss the problem.
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